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  • Andrea Varias

    Andrea Varias

    Clinical Rsch Coord 2, Psych/Public Mental Health & Population Sciences

    Current Role at Stanford Clinical Research Coordinator for the BITS Study which tests the feasibility of adding ten in-home decluttering sessions to the Building in Treasures (BIT) Workshop as an intervention to help improve symptoms of hoarding disorder. Project is funded by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Stanford University and the National Institute of Health.

    - Serve as the primary contact with research participants, sponsors, and regulatory agencies.
    - Perform clerical duties in the preparation of regulatory monitoring, inspections, and audits. Maintain all forms and documents, including consent forms and master subject logs.
    - Collect and manage patient and laboratory data for research. Maintain research project databases, develop flow sheets, and complete study documents/case report forms.
    - Assist with screening, recruiting, and obtaining consent of study participants. Schedule and/or call subjects for appointments; contact participants with reminders or other requirements. Review medical records and/or perform telephone or in-person interviews to gather data, as needed.
    - Process study compensation payments and thank you letters to subjects upon completion of trial activities. Assist with post-study activities, as needed.
    - Determine effective strategies for promoting and recruiting research participants and retaining participants in long-term clinical trials.