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  • Nicholas Antonios Kalogriopoulos

    Nicholas Antonios Kalogriopoulos

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Genetics

    Bio Nick's broad research interests are in developing tools and technologies for research and therapeutic applications. Nick obtained a B.S. in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During his undergraduate career, he trained with Dr. Paul Sondel, where he worked on preclinical testing of novel immunotherapeutic agents for the treatment of neuroblastoma. He obtained a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science with Dr. Pradipta Ghosh, elucidating the structural basis of non-canonical G protein activation by a novel protein family of Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Modulators (GEMs). As a Postdoctoral Researcher with Professor Alice Ting at Stanford University, his current research focuses on developing a new system for programmable and user-controlled cellular behaviors for immuno-oncology applications.

  • Christina Kim

    Christina Kim

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Genetics

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Simultaneous recording and manipulation of neural activity:

    I actively pursue the development and application of techniques for all-optical recording and manipulation of neural activity in living animals. During my PhD I developed a microscope capable of performing bulk calcium recording and optogenetic stimulation in freely moving animals (Frame-projected Independent-fiber Photometry). We demonstrated its utility by recording from sparse dopaminergic axon terminals distributed throughout the brain during rewarding versus aversive stimuli, and by recording from up to 7 different brain regions during a social interaction test. Using simultaneous optogenetics and calcium recording, we could then fine-tune the optogenetic stimulation of dopamine neurons to produce activity that mimicked the naturally-occurring response profiles during behavior. This work was published in Nature Methods, and has been patented and licensed to a company that has commercialized the microscope (

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