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  • Shanthi Kappagoda

    Shanthi Kappagoda

    Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine - Infectious Diseases

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Completed a Masters degree in Health Services Research in 2012. Research focused on using network models to develop a clinical research agenda for neglected tropical diseases.

  • David Katzenstein

    David Katzenstein

    Professor (Research) of Medicine (Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine), Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Treatment and evaluation of HIV infectionin the United States and Europe through the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG). International HIV pathogenesis work includes studies in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and India where we are particularly interested in the pandemic of subtype C HIV-1, TB and other co-infections. The lab currently is focused on drug resistance, envelope tropism and the pathogenesis of HIV.

  • Krutika Kuppalli

    Krutika Kuppalli

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Infectious Diseases

    Bio Krutika Kuppalli, MD is an Affiliated Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine and Faculty Fellow in the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Stanford University School of Medicine. She currently serves on the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) Trainee Committee and Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Medical Education Community of Practice Mentorship Working Group. She is Vice Chair of the IDSA Global Health Committee and is spearheading efforts to create a Working Group focused on Global Health Security which will aim to improve clinical care, preparedness efforts and overall training of infectious diseases physicians as it pertains to high consequence pathogens. She has a diverse background focused on caring for vulnerable patient populations and global health. Her clinical and research background originally focused on patients living with HIV/AIDS in resource limited settings but has expanded to encompass emerging infections, outbreak preparedness and response, biosecurity, and policy.

    She has worked on the frontlines of various humanitarian responses including the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak where she served as Medical Director of a large Ebola Treatment Unit in Sierra Leone. In the aftermath of the West Africa outbreak, she has helped lead the development and implementation of pandemic response preparedness activities in resource limited settings and consulted on the development of therapeutics for emerging pathogens. She is an advocate for scaled up funding for activities under the Global Health Security Agenda, and most recently focused her efforts on the current DRC Ebola outbreak and 2019-novel coronavirus outbreak.

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