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  • Aleksandra Eva Jakubowski

    Aleksandra Eva Jakubowski

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Data Sciences

    Bio I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Division of Primary Care and Population Health. My research is at the intersection of public policy and economics. I am interested socio-economic determinants of health and the impact of disease on economic functioning of households, particularly intergenerational transfers of human capital. I am also interested in the impact of development assistance for health on population health outcomes and spillover effects to other sectors, including labor, education, and diplomacy. I have experience with primary data collection in sub-Saharan Africa and with leveraging secondary data sources to explore research questions.

    I hold a PhD in health policy (economics track) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill under the mentorship of Harsha Thirumurthy. My dissertation evaluated the impact of US-sponsored malaria and HIV interventions in sub-Saharan Africa on child mortality, economic functioning of households, and intergenerational transfers of human capital. As a doctoral student, I collaborated with UCSF researchers on the SEARCH trial, a community-randomized experiment of HIV 'test and treat' in Uganda and Kenya. My contribution was to evaluate economic functioning of households participating in the trial, including labor activities, schooling outcomes, out-of-pocket and opportunity costs of seeking healthcare, and subjective expectations of health and longevity. My collaboration with the SEARCH group is ongoing. In a separate project, I also explored data related to price premiums paid to female sex workers for unprotected sex in a high HIV prevalence setting in Kenya.

    Prior to my doctoral studies, I received a BA degree in psychology from Boston University and an MPH degree from Columbia University in health policy. I then worked at ICAP at Columbia University, under the mentorship of Margaret Kruk, investigating the impact of HIV program scale-up in sub-Saharan Africa on the volume and quality of prenatal and obstetric care.

  • Aashish Jha

    Aashish Jha

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Data Sciences

    Bio I am interested in using genetic diversity to understand human demographic and evolutionary processes in human populations. In the past, I have worked in immunology, virology, and my PhD dissertation was in using experimentally evolved Drosophila melanogaster to understand genetic basis of complex traits.

  • Iain Johnstone

    Iain Johnstone

    Marjorie Mhoon Fair Professor in Quantitative Science and Professor of Statistics and of Biomedical Data Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Empirical bias/shrinkage estimation; non-parametric, smoothing; statistical inverse problems.