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  • Behnaz Jarrahi

    Behnaz Jarrahi

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

    Bio Dr. Behnaz Jarrahi is a brain researcher at Stanford Medical School. Her research focuses on neuroimaging data analysis techniques and application of machine learning to study the morphology, function, and neuroplasticity of the human brain. She is the recipient of the APS Future Leaders in Pain Research grant (2019-2020) and NIH K25 Mentored Quantitative Research Career Development Award (2020-2025). Dr. Jarrahi has a long-standing interest in studying interoception to delineate how it gives rise to consciousness. Her doctoral dissertation, titled "Neuroimaging of Interoception - Deciphering The Neural Correlates of The Primordial Emotions", aimed to demonstrate how interoceptive and exteroceptive affective states could influence the large-scale intrinsic connectivity network architecture of the human brain.

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