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  • Alexander Ioannidis

    Alexander Ioannidis

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Data Sciences

    Bio Alex graduated from Harvard in Chemistry and Physics and earned an MPhil in Computational Biology from the University of Cambridge. Prior to Stanford, he worked in superconducting computing research at Northrop Grumman. He is a PhD graduate of Stanford's Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, where he teaches machine learning and data science. As a current postdoctoral scholar, his research focues on applying computational methods to problems in human population genetics.

  • John P.A. Ioannidis

    John P.A. Ioannidis

    C. F. Rehnborg Professor in Disease Prevention in the School of Medicine, Professor of Medicine, of Health Research and Policy (Epidemiology) and by courtesy, of Statistics and of Biomedical Data Science

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Meta-research
    Evidence-based medicine
    Clinical and molecular epidemiology
    Human genome epidemiology
    Research design
    Reporting of research
    Empirical evaluation of bias in research
    Randomized trials
    Statistical methods and modeling
    Meta-analysis and large-scale evidence
    Prognosis, predictive, personalized, precision medicine and health
    Sociology of science

  • Nilah Ioannidis

    Nilah Ioannidis

    Research Engineer, Biomedical Data Science

    Bio Dr. Nilah Ioannidis is a postdoc in the Department of Biomedical Data Science working on statistical and computational methods for interpreting personal genomes. She develops machine learning tools to predict the clinical significance of rare variants of unknown significance from whole genome sequencing studies, as well as statistical methods to link personal genetic variation with personal transcriptome variation. During her PhD in Biophysics at Harvard University, she worked in the Department of Biological Engineering at M.I.T. and developed methods using hidden Markov modeling and Bayesian inference to analyze the dynamics of intracellular particles. She previously served as Research Director at the Jain Foundation, focused on the rare genetic disease dysferlinopathy, and held internships at the National Academy of Sciences and the journal Science.