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  • Olya Gary

    Olya Gary

    Web Designer 3, OHNS/Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery

    Current Role at Stanford As a senior UI/UX designer and information architect with Lane Medical Library, I design and develop UI, information architecture, and new features for the Lane main website (

    I oversee a number of projects related to the main Lane site as well as a number of subsites, lead our website updates, and also advise library staff on best user practices. As part of managing these projects, I work with a range of Lane staff members, assigning resources, developing work structures, tracking completion, and handling exceptions and obstacles as quickly as possible.

    I am responsible for various library print publications from liaisons' handouts to oversized posters and Lane exhibits. I work closely with Lane and IRT staff and help maintain School of Medicine and Stanford University brand standards.

  • Richard Goode

    Richard Goode

    Professor of Otolaryngology, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Middle ear mechanics, correction of hearing loss, development and evaluation of middle ear prosthesis; creative strategies for correcting various types of hearing loss using surgery in temporal bone models and humans. Research in new methods to surgically correct tongue collapse in sleep apnea. Research to improve facial muscle movement following facial nerve injury using surgical techniques.