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  • Alice C. Fan

    Alice C. Fan

    Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology) at the Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Dr. Fan is a physician scientist who studies how turning off oncogenes (cancer genes) can cause tumor regression in preclinical and clinical translational studies. Based on her findings, she has initiated clinical trials studying how targeted therapies affect cancer signals in kidney cancer and low grade lymphoma. In the laboratory, she uses new nanotechnology strategies for tumor diagnosis and treatment to define biomarkers for personalized therapy.

  • Hua Fan-Minogue

    Hua Fan-Minogue

    Instructor, Medicine - Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Dr. Fan-Minogue's current research is under the mentorship of Dr. Kari Nadeau and with a focus on understanding the immune mechanism of asthma and food allergy by utilizing single cell-based genomics technologies and immuno-informatics approaches.

  • Diana Farid

    Diana Farid

    Clinical Instructor, Medicine - Vaden Health Center

    Bio Diana Farid is a family medicine physician, Clinical Instructor in the Department of General Medical Disciplines at Stanford University, filmmaker, and public health advocate. Her work is founded in the belief that the arts, education, peace and health are inextricably linked. She has provided public health education and health care in rural villages in Honduras, promoted peace in the Ukraine and Malaysia, served at an international school in China, worked at the US Agency for International Development in human rights and has had active roles at both Physicians for Social Responsibility and Physicians for Human Rights.

    She has seen that experiencing or creating a story through the arts can create healthy behavior change and is a fundamental source of individual and public wellness. She has served as a physician consultant for "The Media Project", working with television and film writers and producers. And in 2009, as a producer with FiddleHeadFern Productions, she completed production of a documentary film, "American Rhythms" (, which follows a group of 5th grade students at a Los Angeles urban elementary school and their experience of the positive psychological and emotional health effects of a tailored drumming program. Currently, Diana assists in the Stanford Program in Bioethics and Film, is working on several writing projects and cares for patients at Stanford's Vaden student health center.

  • John W. Farquhar, M.D.

    John W. Farquhar, M.D.

    Professor of Medicine and of Health Research and Policy, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Chronic disease prevention, epidemiology of chronic diseases, community-based education for disease prevention, global health, politics and public health.

  • C. Garrison Fathman

    C. Garrison Fathman

    Professor of Medicine (Immunology and Rheumatology)

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My lab of molecular and cellular immunology is interested in research in the general field of T cell activation and autoimmunity. We use lentiviral mediated transduction of murine dendritic cells with immunoregulatory proteins for site specific and targeted immunotherapy. We have identified and characterized a gene (GRAIL) that seems to control T cell anergy. We have recently characterized a gene (Deaf1) that seems to play a major role in peripheral tolerance in T1D.

  • Mohsen Fathzadeh

    Mohsen Fathzadeh

    Postdoctoral Research fellow, Cardiovascular Medicine

    Bio My long-term plan for training is to gain insight of the evolutionary and developmental origin of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. I am especially interested in mechanism of insulin resistance as the underlying risk factor for these disorders.

  • William Fearon, MD

    William Fearon, MD

    Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine) at the Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Dr. Fearon's general research interest is coronary physiology. In particular, he is investigating invasive methods for evaluating the coronary microcirculation. His research is currently funded by an NIH R01 Award.

  • David Feldman

    David Feldman

    Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology, Gerontology and Metabolism), Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Studies of the role of the vitamin D receptor in the action of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, the active vitamin D hormone. Current efforts are evaluating the vitamin D receptor in breast and prostate cancer, osteoporosis and rickets.