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  • Sarah Eagleman

    Sarah Eagleman

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

    Bio For over a decade my research career as a systems neuroscientist has been centered on measuring the brain in different states of consciousness using electrophysiology. Two ways to study conscious transitions empirically are by investigating the brain during sleep and while under anesthesia. I spent my doctoral and early postdoctoral work studying how sleep improves learning and memory at the neural network level. I am now studying the brain activity associated with anesthetic brain state transitions to broaden my understanding of the neural dynamics associated with altered conscious states. In fact, the brain shares similar electrophysiological activity patterns during sleep with some anesthetic transitions. With anesthetics, however, one is able to compare how different anesthetic agents interact with different neuromodulatory systems to cause similar behavior outcomes (i.e. sedation and unconsciousness).

    My current projects explore and evaluate different computational approaches to quantify anesthetic depth using electrophysiology in various anesthetic protocols. A thorough characterization of the brain activity associated with brain state transitions during anesthesia administration is of critical importance to better monitor patients. This work is coupled with various initiatives to better predict patient outcomes.

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