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  • Michael Bernick

    Michael Bernick

    Adjunct Professor, Psych/Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences

    Bio Mr. Bernick's research focuses on employment for adults with neurodiverse conditions, with emphasis on adults on the autism spectrum. He is part of the Stanford Neurodiversity Project, and is involved in employment initiatives throughout California that are testing employment strategies for neurodiverse adults. He has written extensively over the past decade on neurodiversity and employment, including his most recent book, The Autism Job Club (2018).
    Mr. Bernick is a graduate of Harvard College, Oxford University (Balliol College), and the University of California, Berkeley School of Law.

  • Jennifer L. Bruno

    Jennifer L. Bruno

    Research Scientist, Psych/Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Dr. Bruno is a translational researcher at the interface of developmental cognitive neuropsychology and neurobiology. Her research is aimed at understanding the neural basis of intellectual and developmental disorders with goals of improving early diagnosis using biomarkers and designing and testing targeted interventions. Current research projects include longitudinal investigations of neurobiological and behavioral outcomes in Fragile X Syndrome and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Bruno is also developing adaptable non-constraining functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) paradigms to assess the neural circuitry underlying cognition in healthy typically developing individuals and in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders. Working towards the goal of informing the design of targeted treatments while providing important outcome and progress metrics, Dr. Bruno's research includes infant developmental studies to uncover early, objective biomarkers and epidemiological studies to investigate brain functioning correlates in populations.

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