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  • Shannon Walters

    Shannon Walters

    Co-Manager, 3D and Quantitative Image Laboratory, Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology

    Current Role at Stanford 3D Technologist at 3DQ Laboratory. I am very much involved in improving and developing new processing methods and protocols. Additionally I have been implementing many technological changes which minimize our footprint and streamline our workflow. Examples of how this is being done are promoting a server-based strategy for workflow and consolidating non-server functions into fewer PCs. The non-server functions are almost all available from any PC through VNC clients which essentially has made everything operate like a server-based system (with the exception of only 1 user at a time).

    The future of the 3DQ Lab might include the ability to do everything from remote locations as well.

  • Ronald  D. Watkins

    Ronald D. Watkins

    Senior Research Engineer, Rad/Radiological Sciences Laboratory

    Current Role at Stanford My current position is Senior Research Associate in the Radiological Sciences Laboratory in the Department of Radiology at Stanford School of Medicine. I provide hardware, systems, and general technical support for a group of 10 Faculty members and many students and post docs in the development of advanced medical imaging and image guided interventions. My training background is primarily in RF and electrical engineering and I spent more than 25 years in the commercial diagnostic imaging industry. Most of the projects I am currently working on involve high field MRI (3 Tesla and above), Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound, and other hybrid systems involving ultrasound imaging, therapeutic ultrasound or positron emission tomography combined with MRI. I have ongoing collaborations with many other medical research institutes and Universities around the world. I currently have 39 issued US patents