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  • Zinaida Good

    Zinaida Good

    Ph.D. Student in Immunology, admitted Autumn 2013

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Ph.D. project: Mechanisms of hematopoietic stem cell transitions in the human
    Advisors: Sean C. Bendall and Garry P. Nolan
    Thesis committee: Sylvia K. Plevritis, Michael L. Cleary, and Marius Wernig

    My long-term research interest is to understand the mechanisms controlling the development of human immune system and its function, as in the context of cancer immunotherapy. I am particularly interested in utilizing novel high-content single-cell analysis methods, such as mass cytometry, and computational immunology tools in order to build continuous developmental trajectories for human developmental hematopoiesis and downstream T lymphocyte differentiation. These trajectories will be crucial for identifying novel intermediate cell types and developmental coordination points, the discoveries critical to improving current clinical protocols for hematopoietic cell transplantation and blood transfusion.

    Here, as a part of the Computational and Systems Immunology track, I am fortunate to have the exceptional mentorship of Drs. Sean C. Bendall and Garry P. Nolan, in order to pursue my goals of interrogating the mechanisms of immune system development and becoming an independent scientist focused on generating and altering the functionality of human lymphocytes.