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  • Rahim Esfandyarpour

    Rahim Esfandyarpour

    Engineering Res Assoc, Biochemistry - Genome Center

    Bio Rahim Esfandyarpour received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Currently he is an Engineering Research Associate at Stanford Genome Technology Center, Stanford Biochemistry Department and Stanford Medical School. With a multidisciplinary background, Dr. Esfandyarpour is working with a group of scientists and engineers, working on several cutting-edge research projects in biomedical field. His research covers a broad swath of engineering disciplines, interfacing micro/nanotechnology, nanoscience and nanoelectronics, micro/nanofabrication, micro/nanoscale semiconductors device physics, NEMS and MESM, flexible and wearable technologies, with applications in health monitoring, molecular and cellular detection, and energy harnessing. Specifically, his research at Stanford University focuses on using micro/nanotechnology for biomedical applications by applying innovative engineering solutions to develop next generation technologies that address the major challenges in life science discovery and to bring accessible technology-based solutions to medicine. He has near a decade of extensive experience in development of novel biomedical platforms for variety of biological applications, essential for enabling precision medicine, including early diagnostics and effective treatment of lethal diseases such as cancer.

    Dr. Esfnadyarpour has authored papers in journals including PNAS, Biotechnology & Bioengineering, Sensors & Actuators B, Biomicrofluidics and Nanotechnology. His work was highlighted in New Scientist, Yahoo News, BBC World Service, Popular Science, Gizmodo, Europa Press, Science Daily, Azonano, Engineer Online, Helthcareitnews, StanfordMedNews, Tech Times,, Labnews and several others.

  • Maureen Hillenmeyer

    Maureen Hillenmeyer

    Director of Genomes to Natural Products Program, Stanford Genome Technology Cent, Biochemistry - Genome Center

    Bio Director of Genomes to Natural Products program at Stanford Genome Technology Center. Our team develops computational and synthetic biology tools to speed discovery of natural product small molecules of therapeutic and industrial value.

  • Joella Mesa

    Joella Mesa

    Student Services Administrator, Biochemistry

    Current Role at Stanford Student and Postdoctoral Affairs Administrator for Biochemistry Department

  • Jessica Metzger

    Jessica Metzger

    Lab Manager, Biochemistry

    Current Role at Stanford My role is Lab/Facilities Manager for the Department of Biochemistry. I am responsible for centralized services such that Department faculty, students and staff are provided with service in a timely manner. Supervision and management of 5 direct report employees, (both union and non-union staff) who are responsible for purchasing, daily maintenance of departmental storeroom, media making and glassware washing. I hold monthly Research Assistant/Lab Meetings to discuss departmental responsibilities/issues. Oversee laboratory personnel in resolution to facility malfunctions, utilities, chemical spills and decontamination of surplus equipment. Train new incoming students and staff in Health and Safety. Negotiate and maintain all departmental maintenance contracts, purchase agreements, and reimbursements. Serve as the Departmental Property Administrator (DPA) and Surplus Property Manager, responsible for purchase of all laboratory/office equipment, layout, allocation, negotiation, growth, inventory and tracking of space and equipment among 23 labs for 13 faculty, and approx. 120 personnel (i.e. students, post-doc’s, staff). Work with IT/IRT support to ensure compliance with software inventory, off-site equipment inventory, annual equipment audits, and export controls. I am also the Departmental Health and Safety Manager, responsible for all county inspections, audits, training, compliance, and management of the Departmental and Building Emergency Preparedness Plan (SCERT, BAT and BRT Team member).

  • Wu Wei

    Wu Wei

    Senior Research Scientist, Biochemistry - Genome Center

    Current Role at Stanford Senior Research Scientist, Group Leader in Bioinformatics, Stanford Genome Technology Center, Stanford University

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