Media Coverage

  • – Stanford Medicine Magazine

    Reforming Pain: Goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions to rein in pain

    Understanding that traditional treatments don't work for every pain patient, researchers and clinicians are pursuing individualized remedies – featuring Dr. Sean Mackey, Dr. Beth Darnall, and Dr. Vivianne Tawfik.

  • – MedPage Today

    Revolutionizing Digital Pain Management

    In this video interview with MedPage Today, Dr. Beth Darnall discusses her and her colleagues’ research on “My Surgical Success” and its implications for the broader field of digital innovations in pain management.

  • – Harvard Health

    A single-session class offers chronic low back pain relief

    A single two-hour pain management class may offer months-long relief from chronic low back pain, according to a clinical trial published online by JAMA Network Open.

  • – PBS

    Pain Secrets: The Science of Everyday Pain

    Public Broadcasting System (PBS) features Beth Darnall and Empowered Relief in a documentary titled “Pain Secrets: The Science of Everyday Pain," broadcast in November and December throughout U.S. television markets.

  • – The New York Times

    How Psychologists Can Help Treat Chronic Pain

    The New York Times includes Beth Darnall’s perspective and includes coverage of Empowered Relief in the story “How Psychologists Can Help Treat Chronic Pain.”