Stanford Pain Relief Innovations Lab

The Stanford Pain Relief Innovations Lab is dedicated to improving the lives of people with acute and chronic pain. We develop and investigate pain relief interventions that are accessible, scalable, and work in real-world patients.

The Stanford Pain Relief Innovations Lab is dedicated to conducting science that ultimately seeks to empower individuals to have greater control over their health and lives.

Help rename the term "pain catastrophizing"

This is a patient-centered project being led by a group of committed, interested pain researchers, patients, patient advocates, and pain clinicians.

We aim to understand the perspective of patients and healthcare providers with regard to the term "pain catastrophizing."

SPRIL Spotlight

The PROGRESS study team presenting at the 2023 PCORI Annual Meeting in Washington DC!

Active Research Efforts

  • Characterize the needs of people with pain and health conditions across the continuum of care
  • Develop and investigate behavioral interventions that are scalable, accessible, low-burden, and low-cost
  • Investigate methods to prevent acute pain from becoming persistent or chronic
  • Integrate patient-centered methods into research and clinical innovations

About Our Lab

The Pain Relief Innovations Lab exists in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, and within the Division of Pain Medicine. The lab is co-located with the Stanford Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab and collaborates closely across a range of research projects and topics.

Fellowship and Training Opportunities

Post-doctoral research fellowship opportunities exist through the Stanford Division of Pain Medicine's NIDA-funded T-32 fellowship and through existing grants and other financial support.

Our Empowered Relief trial has published!

A single-session pain relief skills class was non-inferior to 8-session CBT for pain and symptom reduction at 3 months post-treatment.