Society of Bedside Medicine

The bedside encounter between a patient and physician is central to the practice of medicine. This time-honored ritual provides the basis for trust and healing for the patient, but is also an important source of fulfillment and satisfaction for the physician. It is fundamental to accurate diagnosis and high-quality patient-centered care. The Society of Bedside Medicine was formed by a global community of physician educators dedicated to bedside teaching and improving physical examination and diagnostic skills. The purpose of the society is to foster a culture of bedside medicine through deliberate practice and teaching, and by encouraging innovation in education and research on the role of the clinical encounter in 21st century medicine.

Founding members

Brian Garibaldi 

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Co-President, Founder 

Brian T. Garibaldi, MD is associate program director for medicine at Johns Hopkins. He is co- president of the SBM and the Barondess Fellow in the Clinical Transaction through the New York Academy of Medicine. 

John Kugler 

Stanford University 

Co-President, Founder 

John Kugler, MD is assistant clinical professor at Stanford, director of the Stanford Medicine 25 Skills Symposium and co-president of the SBM. 

Lars Osterberg 

Stanford University 


Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH, Associate Professor (Teaching) of Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine; Co-director of Stanford Medicine Teaching and Mentoring Academy. He currently directs the Educators-4-CARE program at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Sharon Onguti 

Southern Illinois University 


Sharon Onguti, MD, MPH is assistant professor and associate clerkship director at Southern Illinois University. She is the secretary of SBM. 

Stephen Russell 

University of Alabama, Birmingham 

Co-Director of Communications and Outreach 

Stephen Russell, MD is assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and lead physician of the Moody Health Clinic. He created the UAB faculty development program in clinical skills and is co-director of outreach and communications for the SBM. 

Maja Artandi 

Stanford University

Co-Director of Communications and Outreach 

Maja Artandi, MD is clinical assistant professor at Stanford where she leads the outpatient components of the Stanford Medicine 25. She is co-director of outreach and communications for the SBM. 

Ruth Berggren 

University of Texas

Director of Member Engagement 

Ruth Berggren, MD is the director of the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. She is director of member engagement for the SBM. 

Abraham Verghese

Stanford University

Advisor, Founder 

Abraham Verghese, MD is the Linda R. Meier and Joan F. Lane Provostial Professor and Vice Chair for the Theory & Practice of Medicine, Stanford University. He founded the Stanford Medicine 25. 

Andrew Elder

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Advisor, Founder 

Andrew Elder, MBChB is a professor at the University of Edinburgh and the medical director of MRCP(UK), where he oversees clinical assessment of trainees. 

Sonoo Thadaney

Stanford University

Advisor, Founder 

Sonoo Thadaney, MBA is executive director of the Presence Center and the Stanford Program in Bedside Medicine + director of Education Programs, Stanford Prevention Research Center.