Overall Goal of Stanford Precision Health Biobank

The goal of this study is investigate the role that inherited genetic information plays in the risk of developing human disease, the likelihood that specific types of treatment will have beneficial effects, and the possibility that some treatments may actually have harmful effects. The goal of this work is to correlate genetic variation with specific features of your medical record, and while we do not promise that this type of analysis will benefit your personal medical care, we do promise to communicate findings that we view as important to your personal physician.


Following are some of the primary features of this research effort:

1)  You will be asked to provide a blood sample that can be employed to isolate DNA. It is anticipated that this blood will be drawn in conjunction with other blood samples for tests recommended by your doctor.

2) Your DNA will be evaluated at the genetic level to assess your inherited variation.

3) You will be asked to provide Stanford researchers with access to your genetic information and medical information.

4) Your genetic and medical information will be viewed only by qualified researchers, and will be housed in highly secured computers that guard your personal information.

5) Every effort will be made to provide your personal physician with any genetic information derived through the Stanford Precision Health Biobank Project that will affect your medical management.

6) You may terminate your participation in this study at any time, with no ramifications regarding your medical care.

BioCatalyst is a unique platform for Stanford that enable researchers to collaboratively access and work with specimens provided to the Precision Health Biobank and ultimately advance biomarker discovery.

Clinical Genomics Committee

Tom Quertermous

Latha Palaniappan

Jim Ford

Mike Snyder

Russ Altman

Steve Quake

Iris Schriver

Emanuel Mignot

Henry Lowe

Hank Greely

Euan Ashley