Humanwide Videos

The Humanwide pilot project merged high-tech and high-touch interventions to provide a diverse group of patients at Stanford Medicine’s Santa Clara clinic with care that treated the whole person based on his or her unique factors, from genetics to lifestyle. Over the course of a year, the program succeeded in identifying previously undiagnosed conditions and future health risks, setting patients on a path to avert serious medical problems.

Humanwide: Bringing Precision Health to Life

From cancer risk to prescription drug allergies, Stanford Medicine’s year-long Humanwide pilot project helped individual patients create a comprehensive portrait of their health, using data from wearable devices, genetic and genomic testing, and wellness assessments. Humanwide applies Stanford Medicine’s vision of Precision Health to patient care, with the goal of predicting, preventing and treating disease precisely.

Follow five Humanwide patients as they gain a better understanding of their health concerns and risks, and work with a primary care team led by Megan Mahoney, MD, to chart their individual paths toward healthier lives.


Episode Three