Humanwide was a bold pilot project from Stanford Medicine that used the latest science and technology to understand each patient, from lifestyle to DNA, and apply that knowledge to transform their health. The embodiment of Precision Health, the Humanwide model combined cutting-edge tools of biomedicine with a data-driven, team-based approach to focus on what matters most to each patient. The goal: predict and prevent disease before it strikes.

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Each person’s DNA contains a wealth of information about his or her health risks. In Stanford Medicine’s Humanwide pilot project, primary care teams used genetic screenings and other assessments to create a comprehensive portrait of each patient’s current and potential health concerns, with an eye toward predicting and preventing disease. Jayasree, a 39-year-old patient, sought testing to determine whether she carried a gene that would heighten her risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

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Patient-provider relationship drives Humanwide project design

Predict, prevent, cure — precisely describes the Stanford Medicine Humanwide project in which Celis enrolled. The yearlong pilot model integrates detailed wellness information and health data with team-based care to better address the needs of each patient.


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Can Precision Health Transform Primary Care? Look to Stanford’s Humanwide Pilot.

Through a promising demonstration program called Humanwide, Stanford Medicine has taken important steps to realizing the Precision Health vision in a clinical setting.

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Stanford Medicine pilot program uses data-driven, integrated team approach to predict, prevent disease

A Stanford Medicine pilot program combining cutting-edge tools of biomedicine with a collaborative, team-based method, offers a new approach to personalized health care that captures the promise of Precision Health: to predict, prevent and treat disease based on the individual patient.