Guillem Pratx, PhD

Associate Professor 

Department of Radiation Oncology
Division of Medical Physics
Stanford Medicine

Contact info | @GPratx | IPA:  /ɡiːem præts/


Guillem Pratx, PhD is an Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics at Stanford University. Originally from the south of France, he studied engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris, and then went on to get a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, during which time he developed several innovative instruments and algorithms for in vivo cancer imaging. The Physical Oncology Laboratory, which he leads, investigates how novel physical approaches can solve longstanding problems in oncology. For instance, they use single-cell radionuclide imaging to measure the uptake of clinical PET tracers in heterogeneous cell populations and, in this way, derive a new interpretation of PET scans that accounts for factors such as cell diversity, microenvironmental factors and cell metabolism. Other areas of investigation include methods and probes for in vivo cell tracking and physical models of radiation therapy. Prof. Pratx was named a Damon Runyon Innovator and a Society of Nuclear Medicine Young Investigator. He has published over 90 papers and been principal investigator on grants from the NIH, DoD and CIRM.

Honors and Awards

2015    Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovator award, Damon Runyon Cancer Foundation    

2014    Young Investigator Award, Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

2013    Radiation Physics Impact Award, Stanford University

2013    Young Investigator Award - semifinalist, World Molecular Imaging Congress

2011    Dean's Fellowship, Stanford

2010    Postdoctoral Fellowship, DoD Breast Cancer Research Program

2010    Research Seed Grant, American Association of Physicists in Medicine

2008    Top Student Paper, IEEE Medical Imaging Conference

2006    Bio-X Graduate Fellow, Stanford University

2006    Bradley-Alavi Fellow, Society of Nuclear Medicine

2006    NVIDIA Fellow, NVIDIA Corp

Professional Positions

2021-                 Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology – Medical Physics, Stanford University

2013-2021:      Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology – Medical Physics, Stanford University

2010-2013:      Postdoctoral Fellow, Radiation Oncology – Medical Physics, Stanford University

2005-2010:      Graduate Research Assistant, Radiology, Stanford University

2009-2011:      Software Consultant, Philips Healthcare (San Jose, CA)

Sum. 2007:      Visiting researcher, University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

Sum. 2004:      Research Intern, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing)