Grant Building

Please enter the Grant Building using the S2 staircase, then proceed to the second floor. Continue left after existing the stairs and make another left at the first hallway. Proceed along the hallway onto room S-277 on the right.

Visitor Parking

Hourly parking ($2.50/hour, free after 4 pm and weekends) is conveniently located in the Roth Way Garage, located at the intersection of Campus Drive and Roth Way. Free Marguerite shuttle service (Line X) to the Grant building is available from the Palo Alto Caltrain Station.

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Grant Building

923-, 987 Quarry Rd Ext
Palo Alto CA, 94304
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Contact Information

  • Guillem Pratx, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Grant S-277A
    (650) 724-9829
  • Effy Ren
    Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
    Cancer Center, at 875 Blake Wilbur
    (650) 721-4449
  • Lab Members
    See Lab Members for contact information
    Lab Phone: (650) 736-0619
    Grant S-277
  • Mailing Address
    300 Pasteur Dr
    Grant S277
    Stanford, CA 94305-5132
  • Fax