Program Description

The Prevention Research Application Area features coursework, research, and practice with promoting health and preventing disease at the individual and community level. This Scholarly Concentration Application is designed to teach students about the field of chronic disease prevention and prepare them to lead efforts that promote health and health equity in diverse practice settings.

Our courses integrate many scientific disciplines and offer students the opportunity to build a foundation of skills in the area of prevention research. The PR Application also provides unique training opportunities that allow students to design, implement, and assess health and wellness solutions in community and research settings. PR students will be encouraged to apply their coursework to current prevention research efforts as well as pursue MedScholars projects with SPRC faculty advisors.

In this Application area, PR students will gain a deeper understanding of the role prevention can play in addressing the burden of chronic diseases – a burden that dominates the practice of modern medicine and disrupts the health of people, communities, and nations across the globe.