PPOP Undergraduate Internships

Internship Opportunities with the Program on Prevention Outcomes and Practices (PPOP) in the Stanford Prevention Research Center
Stanford School of Medicine

Build Your Resume
Gain Medical Research Experience
Make Contacts in the Research Community

The Program on Prevention Outcomes and Practices (PPOP) offers rewarding internship opportunities working on clinical research studies:


and non-clinical research:

  • Socioeconomic Disparities in Health Care Quality
  • Pharmaceutical Prescribing and Diseases among the Elderly
  • Drug Innovations and Trends in Prescribing Practices
  • Educational Resources


Student interns will develop their internship goals under the mentorship of PPOP Research Director, Lisa Rosas, PhD, MPH and PPOP Director, Dr. Randall Stafford.  Students will be mentored to direct their focus on a particular sub-project based on internship goals.  Learn more about PPOP at ppop.stanford.edu .