Past Interns of PPOP

The Program on Prevention Outcomes and Practices is a dynamic growing team in the Stanford Prevention Research Center. Listed below are the Interns who played a big part in the success of the PPOP team over the years:

Alexis Fields , Bachelors from Stanford University

Yannick Grant , Bachelors from Stanford University, Harvard Law Student

Sarah Dyen , Undergraduate Human Biology Major

Janet Chu , Undergraduate Human Biology Major

Amy Stillwell , Undergraduate Human Biology Major

James Hilton , Undergraduate Human Biology Major

Noelle Pineda , Human Biology Major Intern

Losmeiya Huang , Undergraduate Human Biology Major

Shannon Hamilton , Undergraduate Public Health Major

Bhumika Kapadia , Masters of Physiology and Biophysics, Georgetown University

Shweta Gupta , Clinical Trials Certification Program, UCSC Extension

Abimbola Dairo , Undergraduate Human Biology Major

Juan Vitelio Rodriguez , Bachelors from UCSD, Stanford Medical Student

Elizabeth Wang , Undergraduate Physiological Science Major, UCLA

Gabriela Spencer-Bonilla , Bachelors from Stanford University