Pediatric Integrative Medicine Weekly Noon Conference


The PIM Conference has continued to thrive since its inception two years ago. Although initially designed to complement the PIM fellowship curriculum, it now also allows meaningful community-building for pediatricians, PIM providers in the community, and individuals from the AWCIM distance learning fellowship.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also allowed for the silver lining to convert this Grand Rounds Series to weekly virtual conferences. Although we miss gathering in person for more hands-on activities, we have had the benefit of inviting an expanded array of attendees from all over the country. These include community integrative medicine pediatricians, PIM subspecialty providers (GI, pulmonary, pain, rheumatology), massage therapists, social workers, pharmacists, acupuncturists, psychologists, mind-body intervention providers, and nutritionists. Many attendees also view these talks and slides after the live presentation at their own convenience. Our PIM conference listserve now reaches almost 100 providers from around the country!

Further, we have been able to invite speakers from around the country with expertise in many areas of integrative medicine. For instance, speakers have included Dr. Gary Soffer at Yale Medical Center on Integrative approaches to pediatric allergy, and OB/GYN Dr. Anne Kennard from San Luis Obispo to talk about integrative approaches to menstrual disorders, and Dr. Kathi Kemper from Ohio State for “Key Concepts and Milestones in integrative Pediatrics.” We have further continued our patient case presentations and journal clubs for lively and interactive discussions.

The PIM Conference is held every Tuesday from 12-1pm PST via Zoom. 

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