Housing, Health Insurance, and Eligibility for Other Student Services

Students are not expected to enroll at Stanford while enrolled at UCB, but may do so at their own discretion. If unregistered, Stanford students' status will change while enrolled at UCB.  Dual Degree students' eligibility for Stanford resources are as follows:


While on leave to attend UC Berkeley, Dual Degree students will qualify as non-matriculated students with respect to housing eligibility.

Students planning to enroll for a year at Berkeley as part of the Dual Degree program are eligible to be considered for Stanford on-campus housing as non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students are eligible for housing after all matriculated students have been accommodated — they can sometimes be accommodated on campus if they can wait until early in the quarter for which they are seeking housing.

Non-matriculated MD-MPH students in off-campus housing (e.g., Stanford West) face the same year-to-year renewal policy as other non-students (e.g., staff and faculty). Students might not know until late May/early June whether they will be permitted to stay in their current housing as non-matriculated students. If they are not permitted to stay then they have the option of entering the regular housing Lottery or looking for housing on their own.

Non-matriculated students assigned to either on-campus or off-campus housing would pay the same rates as any other Stanford graduate student.

More information about on-campus housing eligibility for non-matriculated students is available at the Stanford University Housing Assignment Services web site. Information regarding off-campus housing eligibility for non-matriculated students is available from Stanford's Community Housing Services.


Health Insurance

Students retain eligibility for Cardinal Care for the duration of an academic year in which they have been registered (including summer). As most Dual Degree students will not be enrolled at Stanford beginning in autumn quarter of a new academic year, they are advised to enroll in UCB's Student Health Insurance Plan, administered through University Health Services. For summary information on UCB's health services, see Berkeley's welcome page for prospective graduate students.  Visit UCB's Graduate Division online to review additional introductory information and resources for new Berkeley graduate students.

Other Student Services

Lane Library: Dual Degree students will continue to have access to Lane Library and will be granted borrowing privileges through special arrangement.

CWP, email, eletronic Stanford resources: Dual degree students will still be able to use their Stanford email addresses and access the CWP as well as other SUnet ID-protected electronic resources.

Athletic Facilities: While enrolled at UCB, Dual Degree students will be granted an exception to standard Stanford policy and be allowed continued access to Stanford athletic facilities with Stanford student ID.