Meet the INPHO Team

Manuel Hoffmann

Manuel Hoffmann is a postdoctoral scholar at the Harvard Business School and is interested in understanding problems in the space of innovation, the future of work, and health. He is particularly excited about the INPHO survey as it can bring experts and the public closer together.


Alice Milivinti

With a background at the intersection of economics, demography and population health, Alice is keen in bringing economic thinking and econometric techniques to answer Public Health questions. Her recent work focuses on the identification of causal effects fiscal policies on health, the disruption potential of longevity on work, and health hazards of natural gas flaring and venting.

David Rehkopf

David Rehkopf is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health, Medicine and Sociology (by courtesy), and Director of the Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences. His interest in establishing the INPHO survey is based on his developing understanding of the complexity and volume of scientific information used to make policy decisions, and the potential utility of expert information as part of the process of synthesizing information to support those decisions.

Sumana Srivatsa

Sumana Srivatsa is a Senior Data Scientist at Project Ronin and is interested in solving problems in healthcare. She started working on the INPHO survey during her stint at Stanford University in an effort to combat misinformation. She hopes the INPHO surveys can bridge the gap between the public and experts and provide a credible source of diverse opinions on topics shaping public health policies and guidelines.

Aaron Wan

Aaron Wan is an undergraduate student at Stanford University studying computer science. He works on software projects that help the INPHO survey aggregate and display expert responses. He is excited about the INPHO survey’s ability to provide a platform where the public can view unfiltered opinions on public health issues from a diverse group of experts.