2017 Individual Seed Projects

Biomarkers and biological processes associated with future cancer development and exposure to food-based carcinogens

Assistant Professor (Research) of Medicine (Quantitative Sciences Unit) and, by courtesy, of Biomedical Data Science

Almudena Espín Pérez, PhD

Researcher, Toxicogenomics
Maastricht University

Theo Kok, PhD

Professor, Genetic toxicology
Maastricht University

This new collaboration between Stanford and Maastricht will identify biomarkers for early prediction of cancer and exposure to food based carcinogens

The first aim will identify predictive cancer markers using computational systems biology methods applied to genomic data from 700 healthy subjects, half of whom developed cancer in later decades of life

The second aim will integrate genomic and epigenetic data from colon samples of people exposed to different levels of carcinogens in their diet, and compare them to colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease