PHIND Center at Stanford Membership

Membership Criteria

I. Overview

The PHIND Center at Stanford is dedicated to precision health and next-generation technologies to enable monitoring, diagnostics, data analytics, prediction and improvement in overall human health. The benefit to society is enormous and this Center will strive to revolutionize the future of healthcare. This Center is the first in the world to focus on precision health and integrated diagnostics. The leadership of the PHIND Center at Stanford would like to identify all of those individuals within the broard Stanford community whose research and/or patient care activities align with the Center and encourage them to apply for membership.     


II. Membership: Expectations and Benefits

General Expectations

Members conduct and promote precision health related research, particularly collaborative and/or inter, multi or transdisciplinary research.

Specific Expectations

Participation in program meetings, PHIND Center-sponsored seminars, symposia and retreats.

Submission of annual report and response to special requests for research progress, other support, publications, and biosketch.

Listing of PHIND Center affiliation on curriculum vitae and biosketch.

Acknowledgement of membership and Center support on publications, abstracts, posters and presentations.


Member will receive discounted services and/or priority service at Center-sponsored core facilities.

Members will also receive notification of all PHIND activities.

Members may apply for pilot and development funding for collaborative research (if offered).


III. Criteria for membership

The following criteria will be used to evaluate membership applications:

Precision health relevance of research activities


Interdisciplinary collaborations

Extramural support


IV. Types of Membership

Full and Associate Members: Faculty and staff, including clinicians and health care professionals, who have an interest in precision health or related disciplines. Publications are encouraged, but not required. Emeritus Member: Retiring members and/or distinguished senior faculty and researchers from Stanford University or other organization with an interesting in precision health.



PHIND Center Contact Information
Ryan Spitler, Deputy Director of PHIND