The Sanjiv Sam Gambhir - Philips Fellowship in Precision Health Program

A new fellowship program to honor Dr. Sam Gambhir and to support postdoctoral fellows pursuing research in radiology and precision health.


The Sanjiv Sam Gambhir – Philips Fellowship Program in Precision Health supports promising postdoctoral researchers conducting investigations in the fields of radiology and precision health and medicine. These areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • New or improved Diagnostic Mechanisms, e.g., genomics, molecular diagnostics, and home/point of care diagnostics.
  • Advanced Analytics, e.g., deep learning on unstructured data, integration of genomics, pathology and imaging data, and early predictive biomarkers of disease onset.
  • Imaging Modalities, e.g., clinical decision support, advancement of imaging modalities, imaging quantitation, human-computer interfaces for image interaction, and image segmentation/feature extraction.
  • Precision treatment, e.g., data driven personalized interventions.

Awardees conduct their research in the laboratory of, and under the guidance of, a faculty member with an appointment in the Department of Radiology.