Petritsch Lab Publications

Ma, R., Gong, D., You, H., Xu, C., Lu, Y., Bergers, G., Werb, Z., Klein, O., Petritsch, C.K., Lu, P. LGL1 Binds to Integrin ß1 and Inhibits Downstream Signaling to Promote Collective Migration and Branching Morphogenesis in Mammary Gland Epithelium (2022) In Press, Cell Reports

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AACR Journal Editor’s pick 2015.

Bakhoum S.F., Kabeche L., Wood M.D., Laucius C.D., Qu D., Laughney A.M., Reynolds G.E., Louie R.J., Phillips J., Chan D.A., Zaki B.I., Murnane J.P., Petritsch C.K.*, Compton D.A.* (2015). Numerical chromosomal instability mediates susceptibility to radiation treatment. Nature Communication 6, 5990. *equal contribution.  PMID25606712. PMCID:PMC4516720

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Non peer-reviewed journal articles

Lewis, K.M., Petritsch, C.K. (2013). Asymmetric Cell Division: Implications for glioma development and treatment.  Translational Neuroscience 4, 484. PMCID:PMC4269374

Book chapters

Daynac M., Petritsch, C.K. (2017). Regulation of Asymmetric Cell Division in Mammalian Neural Stem and Cancer Precursor Cells. Springer Press. Results Probl Cell Diff 61, 375-399

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