Project Leads

Professor of Radiology (Nuclear Medicine)
William R. Brody Professor of Pediatric Radiology and Child Health

Sub Projects  

  • * Breast imaging using 18F FPPRGD2 (PI: Andrei Iagaru, co-PI: Bruce Daniel) – to evaluate response to anti-angiogenesis treatment
  • * Cardiac imaging (PI: Robert Herfkens; co-PI: Shreyas Vasanawala; Investigators: Erik Mittra, MD, PhD; Henry Guo, MD, PhD) – to focus on improved workflow, starting with cardiac sarcoidosis and exploring myocardial viability and amyloid deposition
  • * Whole-body 18F NaF/18F FDG imaging in oncology (PI: Andrei Iagaru, co-PI: Shreyas Vasanawala) – to evaluate PET/MRI as a “one-stop shop” for staging patients with breast and prostate cancers