PET/MRI Service Center

Overview of Services

The PET/MRI Metabolic Service Center (PMMSC) houses a state of the art simultaneous whole-body PET/MRI scanner. We operate as a university service center that is available on a pay-for-use basis to researchers throughout Stanford University as well as to non-Stanford researchers.


Signa PET/MRI (GE Healthcare)

The simultaneous PET/MRI scanner combines the high spatial resolution and fine anatomical soft tissue detail of MRI with the high molecular specificity of PET imaging, in real-time, providing true functional imaging capabilities. More over the Time of Flight (TOF) PET provides improved SNR there by reducing the radiotracer dosage required.

Safety Training

Individual researchers are required to undergo an MR and Radiation Safety Training held by either the Lucas Center Magnet Manager and/or PET/MR Research Technologists. For more information, please click here or contact Karla Epperson.