Student Research


Blake Montgomery, MD

Blake Montgomery is from St. Louis, Missouri. He went to undergraduate school and medical school at University of Missouri Kansas City. He participated in a year of research at the National Institutes of Health through the Medical Research Scholars Program. Blake is involved in many interesting projects focused on improving our understanding of extremity and body casts, early onset scoliosis, multiple hereditary exostoses, limb deformities, infection and healthcare disparities.

Medical Students

Ghida El-Banna

Ghida EL-Banna is a first year medical student who is originally from Lebanon. She holds a BA in Biology from Smith College and Master of Public Policy from UMass Amherst. She is currently working on the clubfoot study with Dr. Frick to investigate activity levels in children treated for congenital clubfoot who may or may not have experienced a relapse. Outside of medicine, Ghida does policy work and this includes being the Vice Chair of Policy for the California Medical Student Association.


Gaby Joseph

Gaby Joseph, originally from Bellevue, Washington, is pursuing an MD at Stanford School of Medicine. He received his bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from Princeton where he was a four-year member of the soccer team, and where much of his interest in medicine, orthopedics, and research grew. With a desire to pursue a career in surgery, Gaby is interested in investigating surgical outcomes and the effects of translational research on improvements in practice.


Dana Leonard

Dana Leonard worked as a research coordinator in clinical research for the Orthopedic Spine Service at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for three and a half years prior to medical school. At Stanford, she has worked with the Pediatric Orthopedics team on a range of topics including radiation exposure to orthopedic surgeons, the impacts of autism spectrum disorder on orthopedic outcomes, and the incidence of vascular injury in sternoclavicular dislocation.

Daniel Mayor

Daniel Mayor is from Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Harvard College in 2017, where he majored in Neurobiology. His lifelong involvement in sports brought him to the pediatric orthopedic department, where he’s worked on projects ranging from neuromuscular scoliosis to concussions. Daniel’s goal is to specialize in a field that brings together his interest in sports medicine and the nervous system.


Karthik Nathan

Karthik Nathan is an MS4/5 at Stanford. He grew up in Atlanta and went to Georgia Tech for undergrad, and is planning on applying into orthopaedic surgery for residency next year. Karthik worked in the Peds Ortho department on projects including Deciding Without Data, Caregiver Disability Forecasting, and Autism and Neuromuscular Scoliosis. When he’s not on rotations or working on research, he loves working out, playing frisbee/tennis/basketball/golf, going on hikes, and exploring new restaurants in the Bay Area.


Emily Phu Tran

Emily Phu Tran is a current Stanford medical student who yields from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is interested in pediatric orthopedics and will be working on an ACL length study with Dr. Shea.  


Uriel Rangel Sanchez

Uriel Rangel Sanchez is from Guanajuato, Mexico and grew up in Southern California. Before Stanford, he graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Uriel's projects with Pediatric Orthopaedics include work in opioid prescription policies and clinical decision making. He also has helped design several project logos!


Maechi Uzosike

Maechi Uzosike is currently a medical student at Stanford. He is from the Midwest (Cincinnati, Ohio), but went to school at Princeton for undergrad. Prior to medical school he did research on sickle cell disease at Johns Hopkins and also field research on velvet geckos at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia. With the Pediatric Orthopedics department, he is working on a wide array of projects from understanding physician decision making, to using big data to understand trends in treatments of fractures, and has a particular interest in understanding more on how and why we as providers make decisions. Outside of research in the department, he takes hiphop classes to keep up with dance, and is involved in SNMA (Student National Medical Association), and enjoys just relaxing with friends.


Thompson Zhuang

Thompson Zhuang received a BA in Chemistry from Princeton University in 2016, where he studied inorganic catalysis. After spending a post-graduate year at Princeton doing chemistry research, he is now a medical student at Stanford. Thompson is interested in understanding the vital roles that rising healthcare costs and health disparities play as socioeconomic determinants of health, so that targets for intervention can be identified to improve patient health and well-being.