Mentorship is the foundation of our research program.

Mentorship may apply to:

         Junior Research Faculty

Division research staff

         Stanford part-time undergraduate or medical school students

         Summer research students

         Stanford MedScholars students

         Residents, Fellows

         Clinic/OR Shadow students


A faculty mentor is responsible for working closely with the mentee on: 

Defining the research question

Defining roles and responsibilities for each member of research team, including authorship

Encouraging mentees to works toward individual goals


The research experience for students and staff should not only aim to enhance their understanding of research on a whole but to result in tangible work products (i.e. abstracts, publications, attendance at conferences) that facilitate career objectives.


Faculty mentorship responsibilities may include:

Work with research manager to outline scope of work

Use Division Project Priority Matrix to evaluate, rank all projects

Meet with mentee weekly or bi-weekly on a recurring basis

Prompt turn-around on email inquiries about research topics is critical for flow, and the limited timeframe of the mentee experience

Be responsible for tracking projects, deliverables, and deadlines

Be reasonable with amount of requests

Provide unique educational and career opportunities  

Provide letters of recommendation