About Us


Stanford’s Pediatric Orthopaedic Research Program aims to pioneer advancement of patient care through high quality, generalizable research. We hope to facilitate best practices of pediatric orthopaedic clinical care, as well as move the field forward through clinical research utilizing patient-centered outcomes and participation in multi-center studies, as well as technological innovations.

We seek to address some of the most pressing clinical ambiguities through methodologies including:

  1. Participation in national, multi-institutional studies
  2. Development of comprehensive, inclusive prospective disease registries
  3. Utilization of advanced technologies for outcome measurement (electronic data collection of patient-reported and clinical outcome data) and improvement (i.e. wearables and haptic devices)
  4. Collaboration with experts in subspecialized research domains (i.e. Spine, Sports Medicine)
  5. Collaboration with computational science experts to improve clinical decision-making


Principles of our research group include:

  1. Engaged senior faculty with research experience
  2. Personal and professional capacity building among faculty, students, and research staff
  3. Strong foundation of student research mentorship
  4. Extensive interdepartmental collaboration


Our nonclinical areas of interest include:

  1. Pediatric public and population health
  2. Health policy and economics
  3. Patient safety and quality improvement
  4. Design of high value health care
  5. Leveraging technology to record and analyze clinically important outcome metrics
  6. Clinical integration of technological innovations and biomechanics