Well-Being Program

The Well-being Program combines specific well-being curricula, personal skill building, and institutional strategies to reduce burnout in fellow physicians. The program targets several key drivers for physician burnout and includes a novel curriculum focused on fatigue mitigation, self-care, resiliency, and stress mitigation, and skills targeting breathing, movement, and mindfulness. This curriculum is paired with several programs focused on changing the culture of well-being, including monthly debrief sessions led by the Palliative Care team to target grief and stress, and quarterly Food4Thought confidential meetings for fellows. 

Wellness Debriefs

Welless Debriefs are held monthly with Barbara Sourkes, PhD, Director of Pediatric Palliative Care at LPCH Stanford, and Harvey Cohen, MD, PhD. Barbara and Harvey's 1-hour sessions are open to all pediatrics fellows. Lunch will be provided. 


The Stanford Pediatrics Fellowship Education Leadership holds quarterly forums with fellows. Food For Though forums are a space in which to share your ideas, conerns, and general feedback on your fellowship experience.

Wellness Curriculum

We provide seven hours of curriculum as part of the Fellows College, targeting fatigue mitigation, self-care, resiliency, stress management and a unique hands-on program through a partnership with WellMD called WellSteps. Faculty who have a prominent role in wellness are featured, such as John Mark and Caroline Buckway, and a specialist from WellMD, Jordana Harshman.

WellMD Exercise Program

The Fellows’ Council partnered with WellMD to develop a pilot 12-week exercise challenge with monthly prizes to build a:

  • Community through group exercise, and 
  • Habit of regular exercise by encouraging frequent activity.

Fellows Well-Being Program


GME Wellness Resources for Fellows
Duke Fatigue Management, Stress and Depression, Substance Abuse & Disruptive Behavior: LIFE Curriculum

School and Childcare Resources

Need a childcare-on-campus flyer to email your incoming fellows? Searching for helpful websites/apps to find last-minute daycare or childcare? Need child-friendly suggestions for camps, weekend activities, etc.? Here is a collection of childcare resources!