Fellowship Curriculum

The Fellowship Leadership Team within the Department of Pediatrics offers a range of curricula, activities and resources to support fellows during their training.

All fellows are welcome and encouraged to attend these ongoing curriculum sessions, participate in social and wellness activities and to spend time getting to know your co-fellows! 

Mark your calendar!
Fellow Curriculum Schedules for 2019-20

Ensure you have scheduled your fellows (or yourself) to attend all core learning opportunities of interest for this academic year! We track and record attendance for programs in Medhub.

  • Fellows' College
  • Scholarship Academy
  • Grant Writing Club
  • Research & Scholarship Club

Pediatrics Newsletters

The Office of Pediatric Education organizes content into newsletters for sharing with fellows and education leadership.

Review past issues of the Fellowship Education Newsletter, Research and Scholarship Newsletter, and the Office of Education quarterly newsletter.

Fellows' College

Fellows College' is a common educational experience for all fellows that includes a three-year longitudinal curriculum that builds on skills and targets commonalities in training future physicians, educators, and leaders. The curriculum includes content on leadership, teaching, mentoring, professionalism, career skills and scholarship. Fellows get to meet members of their cohort, network, and build skills that will make them successful while at Stanford and into their future careers.

Research & Scholarship Club

The Research & Scholarship Club is a twice-monthly curriculum open to all fellows and research postdocs with a focus on the research interests and needs of our trainees. Sessions are highly interactive and focus on real-time research issues.

The curriculum for the Research & Scholarship Club covers all ABP scholarship requirements and focuses on: literature reviews, identifying research questions/hypotheses, study design, biostatistics and analysis, ethical principles in research, dissemination and grant writing.

Grant Writing Club

The Grant Writing Club is an interactive and dynamic grant writing workshop designed for all fellows and research postdocs in the Department of Pediatrics.


The club is designed to teach basic fundamentals of grant writing, including learning about all components of a grant submission, with the club culminating in participants having a complete MCHRI grant ready for submission.

Well-Being Program

The Well-being Program combines specific well-being curricula, personal skill building, and institutional strategies to reduce burnout in fellow physicians. The program targets several key drivers for physician burnout and includes a novel curriculum focused on fatigue mitigation, self-care, resiliency, and stress mitigation, and skills targeting breathing, movement and mindfulness.