Scholarship Round Robin & Scholarship Preparation Series

The Scholarship Round Robin is a speed mentoring event for fellows to highlight the variety of scholarship areas at Stanford. Fellows will join up to three scholarship area breakout sessions during the event to network with faculty, learn about the various types of research conducted at Stanford, and identify an area of scholarly interest. While not required, we highly recommend all first-year fellows attend this event to meet prominent faculty researchers and learn about resources and support available in several areas of scholarship. We will also feature sessions that are focused on preparing fellows for research at Stanford.

Areas of Scholarship

  • Advocacy & Community Engagement
  • Basic Science
  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Research Informatics
  • Global Health
  • Health Services Research
  • Health Technology Innovations
  • Improvement Science
  • Medical Education

Session Goals

  • Introduce fellows to various scholarship areas and prominent faculty conducting research within each area.
  • Enhance the fellows' understanding of possible scholarship projects within each area.
  • Highlight career pathways within each area and assist fellows with their scholarship goals during training.
  • Expand the fellows' networking community.


Scholarship Toolkit

Please review the Scholarship Toolkit for more information about the various scholarship areas at Stanford, as well as a scholarship timeline and other great resources.


Faculty Biographies

Please review the Faculty Biographies for more information about the faculty moderators for the round robin. 


Core Curriculum Schedule

Core Curriculum Map

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