Fellows' Council

Fellows' Council is a fellow-led committee that meets to form new initiatives, social opportunities and projects that support all fellows.  Council members act as a liaison to the fellowship leadership and have the opportunity to work on projects aimed at improving the fellowship experience and well-being for their community.

Members are elected from each program around May and serve an academic year term. Specific lead roles may arise during the year such as organizing fitness challenges, planning social outings, and organizing inter-disciplinary QI projects.

Meet Your Council Representatives

Aslam Khan
Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Lindsey Daon
Academic General Pediatrics

Valerie Peicher
Academic General Pediatrics

Lauren Wozniak
Adolescent Medicine

Allergy & Immunology

Christy Tise
Clinical Biochemical Genetics

Drew Bedgood
Clinical Informatics

Andres Morales Corado
Medical Biochemical Genetics

Reva Frankel
Medical Genetics and Genomics

John Feister
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Christine Bui
Pediatric Cardiology

Paige Stevens
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Connor Corcoran
Pediatric Endocrinology

Talia Lester
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Rachel Herdes
Pediatric Gastroenterology 

Adrienne Long
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Ram Rao
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Emily Levoy
Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Shweta Sujit
Pediatric Integrative Medicine

Ruby Patel
Pediatric Nephrology 

Kim Piburn
Pediatric Nephrology 

Lokesh Shah
Pediatric Nephrology 

Ian Lee
Pediatric Pulmonology 

Sara Patrizi
Pediatric Rheumatology 

Cathy Tsin
Pediatric Rheumatology 

Ke-You Zhang
Pediatric Transplant Hepatology

Council Activities

Big/Lil' Sib Program 

The Big/Lil' Sib Program matches incoming first-year fellows with second or third-year fellows from outside of their divisions. Incoming fellows have an opportunity to connect with their Big Sib before they arrive to campus, and during orientation we have scheduled time for Big and Lil' sibs to meet during lunch. Our hope is that this connection helps foster a broader sense of community among fellows and provides an opportunity to expand both professional and social networks.

Social Events

The Council has discretionary funds to plan activities for the fellow community. In the past, they have organized yoga sessions,  hikes, quiz nights, and happy hours. Contact your division representative with activities you'd like to see.

Fellows' Council Meetings

Fellows' Council meets monthly, and are available via Zoom.