The Division of Pediatric Anesthesia is actively involved in scientific investigations conducted in pediatric pharmacology and drug development, advances in cardiac surgical and anesthetic techniques, advanced pain management techniques, acupuncture, and other areas of academic inquiry. The LPCH anesthesiologists lecture and teach internationally, sharing their unique expertise with other medical centers around the world.

Research Support Request

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Research Programs

Stanford Chariot Program

We engage children in imaginative play, minimizing their attention to stressful stimuli. As our program grows, we are emerging as a national leader of creative innovations in the enhancement of the pediatric patient experience.


Biobehavioral Pediatric Pain Lab

The primary goal of this laboratory is to promote the health and well being of children and adolescents with chronic pain and their families. In line with this goal, research projects focus on biological, neurological, cognitive, affective, and social risk and resiliency factors of the pain experience. Projects include brain imaging, longitudinal clinical cohort, and treatment interventions studies.


SUPRA is committed to providing safe and effective regional anesthesia and analgesia to all eligible pediatric patients presenting for surgery or pain management. This mission will be achieved by striving for excellence in clinical care, education, and research in regional anesthesia as well as perioperative medicine.

Groenewald Lab

We are a pediatric anesthesiology lab focused on improving the health of children, adolescents, and young adults. Our research spans several interrelated areas, including pain, sleep, opioid, and anesthesiology research. Our clinical research expertise includes epidemiology and population health, health services research, and intensive longitudinal cohort studies.

Research Faculty