Rotation Guide & Goals

Welcome to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center! As the county hospital for Santa Clara County, we serve a broad and very diverse population. SCVMC is a 574-bed hospital with a separate pediatric floor containing a 30-bed General Pediatric unit and a 12-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. There is also a very active labor and delivery service with over 4,000 births a year, and a Regional Burn center which is one of only two regional burn trauma centers between Los Angeles and the Oregon state border.

Below, you will find  several orientation documents. The 5-minute orientation is the basic orientation to the rotation. The Full rotation summary is a full ACGME compliant listing of the rotation design and goals. And below that are any additional orientation materials.


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Rotation Directors
Lee Trope
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Adriana Anavitarte
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Rotation Administrator
Dawn Craver
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Rotation Liaison 
Lauren Rivkin
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