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Updates Regarding COVID-19 Advisory

In light of the University’s guidance around social distancing, we have reviewed our upcoming Pediatric Grand Rounds sessions and have decided to move forward with virtual sessions for the immediate future. 

*Please note that all Pediatric Grands Rounds sessions will be online onlyPlease do not go to LPCH Auditorium. 

Pediatric Grand Rounds Webinar (CME): Controversies in Abusive Head Trauma

Christopher Greeley, MD - Baylor College of Medicine

This talk will discuss the science behind Abusive Head Trauma and frame some of the criticisms raised in the courtroom and in the media. 


Christopher Greeley, MD, MS

Vice-Chair of Community Health

Professor of Pediatrics, Public Health and Child Abuse Pediatrics

Baylor College of Medicine



Session Description

Abusive Head Trauma (AHT), historically called “Shaken Baby Syndrome”, is a condition in which a young child (usually in the first year of life) is injured by violent force by a caretaker.  The clinical findings include: injury to the brain, fractures (typically to the ribs and growth plates of the bones), bleeding in the eyes and external injury (bruising).  Over the past decade there have been news reports indicating that the existence of AHT has been questioned in the courtroom.  This talk will discuss the science behind AHT and frame some of the criticisms raised in the courtroom and in the media. 

Education Goals

  • To appreciate the scope of the medical/legal debate surrounding Abusive Head Trauma (“shaken baby syndrome”)
  • Understand some of the criticisms of the theory of Abusive Head Trauma which are raised in the legal setting and the medical literature used to support the skeptical position
  • Appreciate the role of high quality medical literature appraisal in the medico-legal setting

Zoom Information

CME Text Attendance

CME Text Attendance

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