April 6 Apr 6
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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ENGAGE Teaching Fundamentals: Turning Verbal Feedback into Effective Written Evaluations

Nita Srinivas, MD - Pediatric Hospital Medicine

The Teaching Fundamentals Series utilizes best practices in teaching and feedback to improve your effectiveness as an educator.
This session will be available on Zoom only.

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ENGAGE Teaching Fundamentals - Turning Verbal Feedback into Written Evaluations

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm | Zoom

Presented By:
Nita Srinivas, MD
Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Session Description

Feedback is an essential component of today’s competency-based model of evaluation within medical education (CBE). This model focuses on a learner’s acquisition of core clinical knowledge, skills, and attitudes in clinical practice. Competencies also provide clear goals for learners and enable to them to better self-direct their own learning. However, this model requires feedback in order for learners to gain insight into their current performance and identify opportunities to progress in their clinical development. Faculty members are frequently called upon to provide feedback in the form of written evaluations; however, few receive training on writing evaluations which are narrative, timely, constructive, and specific. When done well, these written evaluations have the potential to be both formative and summative in informing the learner and program leadership of the learner’s progression along the competency spectrum.

In this interactive workshop, we will discuss barriers to writing effective evaluations, learn 3 tools (PRIME, Keep-Stop-Start, Goal-Based Evaluation) to overcome many of these challenges and practice applying these tools. 

Education Goals

  • Identify and discuss common challenges in writing effective evaluations
  • Illustrate characteristics of effective written evaluations 
  • Apply various feedback models to generate timely, specific and performance-based written evaluations