PCards, TCards, Travel, Reimbursements, etc.

How to Apply for a Purchasing Card:

    Complete an application specifying a guarantee account (default PTA)

    Complete these required and recommended trainings by enrolling via STARS: FIN-0450, FIN-0504, FIN-0410, FIN-0506. FIN-0340 and FIN-0509. Prequisities for some of these trainings include: FIN-0102 and FIN-PROG-0010.

*Tip: Send a separate email to  pcardadmin@stanford.edu after filling out the applications, stating that you have applied. Also cc your manager and (1) finance person as this will alert them to send an email stating they approve of your application .

How to Use a PCard:

    PCards are to be used to purchase goods or services related directly to Stanford business. PCards are not to be used for: Personal Expenses, Fabrications, Hazardous Materials, Travel, Student Conference Registration, Cash Advances, Laboratory Animals, Any purchases over $4,999.99. For more info see Stanford Policy

For a directions on how to process/verify Pcard purchases, please see How to Verify PCard Transactions.

For additional Pcard "How To" information, please click here.

For additional information on "Buying & Paying", please click here.

Please click here for E-Business Suite.

Additional recommended trainings: FIN-0508 and FIN-0502.

*Tip: Only the first 20 characters of the Business Purpose are included on the associated expenditure reports. This section provides the business justification for the expense, and must answer the questions Who, What, When, Where, and Why. (You do not need to include the actual words “Who, What, When, Where and Why” – please refer to the “Business Purpose Index” for examples).

*Tip: The "Are you sending backup documents" option is grayed-out for transactions of $75 or more as receipts/documents must be submitted. Receipts under $75 are optional or per department policy.

Pediatrics Point-of-Contact for Pcards:

Feel free to conact Tony Huey directly with any questions.