Faculty Searches/ Recruitments

Faculty Searches (MCL, UTL, NTL) - Instructions & Guidelines

In an effort to uphold Stanford University’s mission to attract and retain the highest quality faculty members who will, working collectively, have the experience, knowledge and insight necessary to respond to new research and programmatic opportunities and be a central focus for excellence in patient care through search processes that:

·  are conducted with integrity and transparency;

·  are thorough, comprehensive, and national in scope;

·  ensures and maintains a diverse candidate pool;

·  moves expeditiously and systematically;

·  respects confidentiality;


·  provides candidates with appropriate access to info;

·  leaves all involved with a sense of fairness;

·    results in the recruitment of an outstanding candidate who will flourish as a member of the Stanford Community and bring distinction to the School and University.


We are available to assist. Please contact Kristi Townsend with any search related questions. 

More details can be found at OAA- Faculty Searches