Department Funded Instructor Position

The Department will provide funding for selected graduating physician fellows to complete up to three years as an Instructor with 75% protected time, effective July 1, 2019. The intent of this funding mechanism is to support trainees applying for extramural career development grants, such as NIH K awards or other substantial foundation grants, with the ultimate goal of a career as an independent investigator.  

Due Date: Friday, November 30, 2018.

Application Materials:

1.       Complete Instructor application form

2.       Following documents should be included as a PDF and attached to the application form

a.       Nomination letter from the Division Chief

b.       Candidate Information

-          Personal Statement describing (i) the candidate’s background and research efforts to this point in his/her research career, including publications, manuscripts in preparation, and prior grant submissions and awards; (ii) a career development plan including planned grant applications with the estimated timeline for submission and the salary support provided by the grant(s); and (iii) career goals and objectives. The career development plan should be developed with the Division Chief and mentor.  Page limit: 3 pages.     

c.       CV

d.       Mentor Information

-          NIH Biosketch

-          Letter of Support describing (i) information on the mentor’s research qualifications and previous experience as a research supervisor; (ii) a mentoring plan that describes the current mentoring relationship and a plan for monitoring the candidate’s research, publications, and development of career development grants; and (iii) available resources, such as laboratory space, equipment and other resources and facilities (including access to clinical and/or other research populations, if necessary) to carry out the proposed research plan.

The application materials should be assembled as a single pdf and submitted using the new Instructor application form.

Have questions or need additional information? Please contact Shawna Mcmanus at (650) 723-5344 or