Visit guides

Practical guidelines for tele visits

Tele-well-visit guides by age

Well visits conducted via telehealthcan provide a unique opportunity to interact with the patient and family in their home environment and provide anticipatory guidance. The following table has examples to include in a telehealth well visit. The template guides that follow have further detail organized by age group.

Please note that certain elements of the physical exam, hearing, vision, growth parameters, and immunizations will require a subsequent office visit.



  • Observe a feeding (for infants)
  • Visualize where child eats
  • Look at pantry/snack storage and refrigerator



  • Visualize space and activities for play
  • Evaluate play areas for safety



  • For infants visualize sleep location to ensure safety
  • For older children visualize bedroomto address elements that may affect sleep hygiene
Home/Neighborhood Environment
  • Is there adequate space for all family members especially to attend virtual school/work?
  • Are there opportunities for socially distant play outdoors?


This material was designed using the AAP Bright Futures Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents as a reference. Please note that templates are for educational purposes only.