Getting started

Telemedicine basics


This page will guide you through a high level checklist of what clinics and patients/families need to get started with telehealth visits. In many cases telehealth can be beneficial to either augment or replace traditional visits but there may also be situations where there are risks. The visit guide page provides detailed templates for common pediatric visits, adapted for telehealth.


Telehealth Benefits

  • Convenience and access to patient care
  • Increased engagement through maintenance of appointments
  • Ability to assess the home environment for more contextual care
  • Decreased travel stress for patients
  • Cost savings (transportation and time off from work)


Telehealth Risks

  • Insufficient information transmission (ie poor resolution) to allow appropriate medical decision making
  • Inability to conduct all types of evaluations over a virtual visit
  • Need to follow up with an in-person evaluation may arise post telehealth visit
  • Delays in medical evaluation or treatment due to deficiencies of the technology being used
  • Limited privacy: patient may not be in a private location at time of visit
  • Treatment options may be limited


Informed Consent

Per most states law, providers must receive oral or written consent prior to telehealth visit after explaining risks and benefits


Telehealth terminology

Audio + Video: Usually what is considered telehealth

Audio only: Also considerd telehealth but depending on your state and visit type may not be reimbursed at the same level.

Synchronous: "Live video-conferencing"

Asynchronous: "Store-and-forward video-conferencing"

Clinic setup

Patient setup


Phone or computer with camera and microphone


Need a high speed connection


Some telehealth services require an app download


Ask patients/family if they have a private space to talk before starting the visit

Additional considerations

Additional References

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