Fellow Wellness

Wellness Activities

New Fellow Welcome Reception

A welcome reception is held for all the new fellows.

Division Funded Wellness Lunches

Stanford Pediatric Cardiology Wellness Grant ($1500) for fellows to request funding for services/food/events that will benefit their mental health. The chiefs schedule quarterly lunches for all fellows during work time to catch up.

Annual Fellow Retreat 

The Chief felows organize an outing for the cateorical fellows that includes and activity and lunch/dinner.

Past activities: kayaking, axe throwing, bocci ball, bowling

BBB's - Beer, Burgers and BS

Each fellow class meets with a faculty member from the fellowship leadership team to chat in an informal setting at a restaurant.

Fellows' Well-being Program (FWP) - Office of Pediatric Education

The Fellows' Well-being Program (FWP) combines specific well-being curricula, personal skill building, and institutional strategies to reduce burnout in fellow physicians.

The program targets several key drivers for physician burnout and includes a novel curriculum focused on fatigue mitigation, self-care, resiliency, and stress mitigation. This curriculum is paired with several programs focused on changing the culture of well-being, including a Reflective Conversation series led by the Palliative Care team to target grief and stress , as well as sessions led by faculty members to discuss finding meaning in medicine.

Fellows Hiking

Katie, Jeff, Azy and Lyndsey on a hike in July 2021

March 2020 Fellow Retreat - Axe Throwing

The time the first year class beat the third year class at axe throwing. Christine, Katie and Anne won't let Marcos forget this day.